New for 2024 is our stunning deck and garden room “The Hive”. We are so excited to be able to share this amazing space with our guests. The large deck is on the side of the valley and sits above the stream. Sat at the table you will just hear the tranquil sound of the stream, birds and wind in the tree’s. There is honestly nowhere else you would rather be. But we know that the UK weather isn’t always the best, so we built The Hive, swing open the large double doors and you have the perfect place to sit and relax, in the shade or out of the wind. Summer evenings retire into the Hive to finish the wine and relax with music on the Bose speaker. Then as it gets cooler, shut the doors and turn on the fan heater.

The hive is the perfect additional living space, giving you options of where to sit and relax. If grandad is snoring in front of the telly, then the kids can escape outside to make as much noise as they like or if too much is going on in the cottage, sneak out to your own private space and take a moment to yourself. The Hive has custom made seating, which we had made big enough to kick your shoes off and have a sleep. Kids could always have a night out “camping” for that added holiday adventure. With fairly lights on the ceiling and table lamps it is the most magical place to be. We have also floodlit the valley, so from the deck or the hive you have the most magical experience whatever time of day you are out there.